Ahad, 21 Ogos 2011

i love my friends

see u in the next entry... about my friends...I am not the type of person who has just one best friend. I would like to think that I have many best friends. There are a few people that I would spend time with after school and would go to the mall or the movies, and such. But on the other hand I have friends I would never spend time with after school, they are fine has school acquaintances, but nothing much more.

 My best friend's name is mimi,dayah,iqa,atikah,lyanna,ayu,umie,fiza,shely,moon,and fatin... I love them to death as well. If anything happened to these people, I would die. they and I tell each other everything too. .. 

  I love my friends to death. They and I do not spend time with each other very much outside. 

I am a pretty outgoing, friendly person I would have to say. Although I am very shy at first, once I get to know the person I am not shy at all. Now I do not think I am a hard person to get along with either. Sure I have my ups and downs, but everyone is not perfect. What I, myself can say, that I feel I can not be put under those so called 'clicks,' personally. I am pretty eclectic I fit in pretty every 'group.' 

These people I would not say they are my 'Best Friends Forever (BFF)' because when we all grow up, go our separate ways it will not be the same. Sure we may talk to each other but we just will not ever be this tight as friends again.and i hope we always good friends.. :) <3

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